Been a while… so here are two new pubs

Source: Brewer et al (2016) PNAS
Source: Brewer et al (2016) PNAS

Getting a lab established takes some time and effort – and I’ve been neglecting the “news” section of this site! So, as a little update, two new publications we’ve been involved with in the past few weeks:

Congratulations to Phil Brewer and Christine Beveridge at UQ, who have been working very hard on LBO, a new gene in Arabidopsis involved in strigolactone biosynthesis. It’s just been published at PNAS – check it out! It included substantial contributions from Kaori & Koichi Yoneyama, among many others. And of course the local boys, Adrian Scaffidi, Gavin Flematti, Steve Smith and myself here at UWA.

Meanwhile, we four have just published a timely review on the importance of stereochemistry in strigolactone biology. We did not think it was a particularly controversial piece – it merely discussed the recent contributions to the field with a little interpretation for good measure – but we certainly had a struggle appeasing a fussy reviewer! Read it here as part of a special issue of Planta on strigolactones.

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