New PhD positions available

project1_imageGreat news! We’ve advertised two new PhD projects on the UWA website:

  1. Smoke alarm: Discovering new signalling compounds that operate in plants
  2. Exploiting chemical signals to boost plant performance

A brief description of each project is given in the links above, but please contact Mark for more details or to express your interest. The positions are subject to an application for a scholarship and specific eligibility requirements for entry to UWA; as always, we can help you in the application process.


Be careful with your antibodies

Source: and Human Protein Atlas

Antibodies against common cellular targets (e.g. ubiquitin) are available from many different commercial sources. But are they all created equally? And are they appropriately validated to demonstrate specificity? This is important, because poorly characterised antibodies can yield unreliable results, and non-reproducibility between different labs. Read more