PhD opportunity in phytochemistry and plant breeding

Our collaborator Dr Gavin Flematti in the School of Molecular Sciences here at UWA is advertising a new PhD project investigating the coloration of flowers in the iconic kangaroo paw Anigozanthos manglesii. If you have experience in natural products chemistry and also want to learn some plant molecular biology with us, check out this collaborative multidisciplinary project here.

Hello new logo

Out with the old… time for a freshen up. A new logo for the website, this time with fewer letters, and just simple curves. The white “branches” depict signalling during development; the circle of life… hopefully the colours are self-explanatory.

Welcome to Andy Tuckey

Always happy to get fresh blood into the lab, this time we welcome Andy as an Honours student for 2020. He brings with him much-needed skills in computer science which he will use in the analysis of Karrikins responsive promoters during his research project.